Tammy pausing to get a photo with Mark, an amazing young man in the group.

Loving & Discipling Young Adults

A great passion we have here is connecting with young adults who are usually either serving in or who have recently completed their service in the IDF. We meet with these young people on a regular basis, loving them, encouraging them, and discipling them. It is amazing, even to us, that we have known many of these amazing people for more than 8 years!

We had a recent opportunity to teach at an evening meeting with the young adults.  We taught on the important topic of identity, the identity of being a sons & daughters of Yeshua and the importance of their Jewish identity in the kingdom and in God's plan for world redemption.  Tammy also did a great teaching about the "Three Chairs," a teaching we have heard from Leif Hetland.  You can click the links to learn more.

We received a warm welcome from this group from the first week when we moved to Israel.  It is fitting that they were the first group that invited us to teach.

How do 2 people play guitar together? Like this.
Tammy teaching "The Three Chairs"
Tammy teaching "The Three Chairs"
Lena, a young woman in the group.

Film, Video & Visual Media

Creating & developing visual media (and training others to do so) is a huge part of what we are doing within Tents of Mercy and within the Messianic body of Israel.  Click the videos to play.

Shooting video at the marriage retreat.
Stars of the Purim play.
Shooting the Purim play.
Full cast and crew of the Purim play, retelling the story of Esther.
Shooting Joel Rosenburg lecture.
Shmuel, a young man I am training & mentoring.

Outreach & Equipping the Jewish People to Make Disciples

We feel that the most effective way for Israel to be reached with the gospel is for Jewish People to make disciples of their people. In this, we desire to encourage and equip them in outreach.

A selfie with Avi & Hannah Tekle.
Tammy assisting with the childrens' music program.
An outreach on the street in Haifa.
Worship at the marriage retreat.

Inner-Healing & Counseling

We have a great passion for inner-healing and we see a great need for this ministry within Israel.  We desire to use what God has given us, in the way of HeartSync and other healing modalities, to bring healing to people who have experienced trauma and greater freedom to to those who desire to walk in their God-given identity.

Tammy attends an Israel RTF training.
Patrick prepping to speak to a group from Abilene!
Patrick volunteering as a recipient at the Heartsync Seminar in Jerusalem.
Marriage retreat we attended with Tents.
Families over for a Shabbat meal.
Women's night at Tents

Speaking Life, Hope, & Identity over the Jewish People

We feel God has given us a great opportunity to love & encourage Jewish people as well as to speak into their lives a message of hope & identity of being sons & daughters in Yeshua as well as the integral part they play living out their faith in Yeshua with a uniquely Jewish expression.

Installing Maxim as the next youth leader.
Children's Hannukah Celebration.
Slavik & Liel, the amazing leaders of young adults.