RISE-Israel receives electronic donations through Remnant Church, and by doing so, we receive 100% of the funds (minus an unavoidable 3-5% electronic transaction fee) and you receive a tax-deductible receipt! The online portal is through a popular, 3rd party service called Tithe.ly (you may even already be using Tithe.ly to give to your church or another ministry). The process is simple and can be done on your mobile device or on a computer's web browser.

To give, follow these simple instructions:

_____ 1.  Click the blue "Give Electronically....." button below:

2.  Click the "Login|Sign Up" on the top right of the page and follow the prompts. Your screen should look like one of the example photos below (depending on if you are on a computer or mobile device):


3.  Next, VERY IMPORTANT, choose the "To:" field and select "Rise Israel" from the drop-down menu:

4.  Check the box for "Recurring Giving" you are desiring to give monthly or with some other frequency and follow the prompts.
5.  Continue to follow the prompts to choose the amount and payment method.
6.  Fill in the optional "Note / memo" field if you want to send a note or provide special instructions for your gift (if you would please put our family last name in this field, that will further insure that we do receive your gift).
7.  Click the green "Give" Button! Thank you for your gift! That's it!

8. Lastly, just as a courtesy, please click the blue button below to notify us by email that you gave electronically and the amount we should anticipate.  This method of giving through Remnant is new to us and this allows us to track & confirm receipt of those funds as they are processed and give you a prompt thank you!

To notify us, click the button below:

THANK YOU for your support!